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    Here&#039s the deal:<BR><BR>I have an NT server running SQL7. I have another NT server on a different network that is a corporate web server. I want to log the IIS transactions to the SQL server. I need to setup an ODBC connection from the web server to the sql server, but I am having trouble doing so. Can anyone help?<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Brian

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    See brian if you can be precise where exaactly are u facing the prolem I can help. But still I will give you a solution.<BR><BR>As we make a normal ODBC connection on a server that way only you will have to make it.<BR><BR>the only thing is that your web server guys must have given you the details of sql server. take down those details and make and ODBC..<BR><BR>There must be three details.<BR>1. the sql server name like "" or some name.<BR>2. dsn name<BR>3. password...<BR><BR>if this doesnot help you pls give all the details where exactly u r facing problem.

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