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    Steve Griff Guest

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    Hi peeps,<BR><BR>Lets say you have logged in to this page where a session variable has been declared. Is there a way after ten minutes the session variable can be changed to -1 or something to notify you have had a "timeout". <BR><BR>Is there a good asp thing for this?<BR><BR>Cheers.<BR><BR>Steve Griff

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    ppg Guest

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    just a thought - perhaps you could use the session_on_end method in your global.asa file to set the variable?

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    Default setTimeout

    Investigate the javascript setTimeout function....<BR><BR>setTimeout(&#039;myFunction()& #039;,5000) // runs myFunction after 5000 milliseconds - or there abouts..

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    Steve Griff Guest

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    erm... I get Object expected.<BR><BR>function myTimeout()<BR>{<BR>Session("whatever") = -1;<BR><BR>}<BR><BR><BR><BR>.....<BR><BR>setTimeout (&#039;MyTimeout&#039;, 900000);<BR><BR>what&#039;s up?<BR><BR>Steve Griff

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