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    I am building ASP with Access. I have included a search function for my site. How can I do a search within result of my current recordset.<BR>Let&#039;s say I search for students that are active, then how do I further search on students that are from USA and are active.

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    Default I have kindof the same problem.

    Its somewhat similar, how do i search for multiple things<BR>at once. Like searhing for gender, age, city, activity and<BR>things like that, returning ppl who match "the most".<BR><BR>/Thomas

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    Ideally you just do this:<BR>"Select StrStudentName from TblStudents Where Active = True AND Coutry = &#039;USA&#039;"<BR><BR>But if you really want to do it with 2 queries, you could try using rs.filter<BR><BR>1) Build a rs of all active students<BR>2) rs.Filter = "Country=&#039;USA&#039;"

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