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    Hi...I&#039;m new in building graph in ASP.<BR><BR>Recently I downloaded 1 source code for creating line graph in ASP. It is quite good. Unfortunately, what I want is not in the asp source code.<BR>Could you pls show me the url site or some good example where I could make line graph?<BR><BR>1. 1 table with 2 fields. - Month(Text), year (Number) and PassengerSales(Currency). Month and Year is on the x axis and PassengerSales is on the Y axis. (if 2 fields cannot be combined for x axis, the Month field will do). For every point the line made, it will show the value (PassengerSales)<BR><BR>2. 1 table with 8 fields. Month for x axis and PassengerSales for y axis. The other 6 fields - Cash, TravelCard,CSC, Ridership,Ridershipmanual - will be in bar form and TotalCollection and TotalRidership - will be in line form.<BR> For this particular graph, there will be 1 line and 1 bar form. And for every point data series, it will show the value (PassengerSales)<BR><BR>Really hope that you could help me in this<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Alia<BR>

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    Well it might.....<BR><BR>

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