I was working through Jay Greenspans tutorial at webmonkey.com and got stuck where he describes how to add his sample Access db in the ODBC configuration.<BR>I followed his intructions implicitly: <BR>Go to ODBC32 in control panel (win95)<BR>Click on systemDNS<BR>Give it a name, then a description, then link to my local copy of the database. <BR>I do all of the above but the &#039;OK&#039; button will not focus and allow me to finish.<BR>(I phoned a friend and asked him to do the same and it worked on his system)<BR>I have Access 97 (Office Pro), MS-PWS V4.0, Frontpage98, FPPersonal Server V1.1<BR>I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Access Data Access Drivers.<BR><BR>I look forward to your response.<BR><BR>regards,<BR>Kim.