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    Is there a way to get Access to display ASP page links?<BR>I have an SQL statement that will open the database and return to a page the data in each record. I want to some how return a links to a page for user to click on. For example, if the user picks an item, I want the database to display a link stored in the database, the user then will be able to click this link taking them to another page with addtional information. Hope this makes sense.<BR>

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    Default Subject doesn't match question...

    Your subject implies you want to store entire ASP pages in a database. Which can&#039;t be done. [It can be, but then you have to drag the data out, write it to a file using FSO, and then redirect to the file. HORRIBLE performance! Don&#039;t do it.]<BR><BR>Your question, however, seems to ask if one can store a URL in a database. And *of course* you can! Why not? A URL is just text, and databases do *NOT* read or process the text you put in them. So why not?<BR><BR>

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