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    I am running a webserver on Windows 2000 Professional. As far as I know, it has a 10 connection limit, and a server busy message is displayed if someone tries to establish an 11th connection.<BR><BR>I was wondering if there is a way to "queue" the excess connections. For example, I have one 10mb file on my server, and people want to download that file. The server can only support 10 people at a time, and if an 11th guy tries to download it, he&#039;ll get a server busy error. Is it possible that instead of getting that error, his request is just added to some queue and he can download the file when the person on top of the queue is done downloading? <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Kaustubh

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    that would be circumventing the limit and licence, wouldn&#039;t it? naughty naughty.<BR><BR>you could use global.asa and session_onstart to count the number of users on, and reject the tenth user every time they try to log in, but that&#039;s what the limiter does anyway... you can&#039;t queue connections.

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