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    I previously asked about the "Future of web design" and now I understand how things go. But, if WYSIWYG programs get more advanced, will the demand for web developers go down? I mean, couldn't a business just have a designer and have any random person create the site using WYSIWYG?

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    S&#039;pose it depends how advanced they get.<BR><BR>I mean Visual Studio has been around for years now and is (by my reckoning) a pretty advanced programming tool, however the demand for C, VB programmers hasn&#039;t decreased, it&#039;s actually increased.<BR><BR>You really need to break the web development process down to 2 (posibly more) main areas:<BR><BR> DESIGN && INTERFACE.<BR><BR>Both of these areas require 2 (possibly more) main skills:<BR><BR> SKILL && CREATIVITY.<BR><BR>When you can see an IDE that can produce the correct varying amounts of the above elements then you will begin to see the demand for skilled labour decrease.<BR><BR>Then I forsee a time of great hardship and turmoil for the main coffee producing nations of earth :)<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Darren<BR>[ darren@showusyourcode.com ]

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