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    I&#039;ve upgraded my server from NT 4.0 to Win2k Server, since then i&#039;m losting my session variables everytime a new page is lodaded.<BR><BR>eg: in a page (test1.asp) i set a session variable name TEST with "WORKS" as it value, right after i write the session("TEST")variable (all in the same page) and then put a link to other page (test2.asp). The test2.asp also gets the value of the TEST session variable and writes it to the browser.<BR><BR>Ok, when i call TEST1.ASP i get the "WORKS" text displayed and the link to TEST2.ASP, everything is okay by now... when i get to TEST2.ASP nothing is printed, the TEST session variable is empty!<BR><BR>It seems that the application is being restarted everytime a page is lodaded, dropping all session and application variables.<BR><BR>Any1 can help me??<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Do you have "Enable Sessions" checked in your IIS properties?

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