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    SlimShady Guest

    Default looking for vb function

    I&#039;m writing an email using asp and I want to know what the function to tab is<BR>I&#039;m using vbcrlf to move to the next line and am trying to create a table<BR>for example<BR>productName quantity<BR>PC 20<BR>keyboard 30<BR>any help would be appreciated.....<BR>

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    The REAL SlimShady Guest

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    how about vbTab

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    slim shady Guest

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    cheers slim:-)

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    Default Woah...that will not work...

    ...i was just kidding...in HTML even if you use vbTab you will only get ONE space and not a real tab<BR><BR>You will have to use a table and put each heading into a column and the values beneath in the respective columns...that will be the best way.<BR><BR>or use as many &amp;nbsp as you will need to align it<BR><BR>

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