I&#039;m somewhat of a newbie to the world of ASP. I have a question about the referenced methods. According to everything I have studied, the Server.Execute is better to use than the #Include. I won&#039;t sight the reasons because those that read and understand these methods know what I speak of. So, am I right in my assessment? Assuming we are speaking of ASP 3.0 of course.<BR><BR>The next question is whether I can execute a Server.Execute command within a With Response structure such as;<BR><BR>With Response<BR> .write table780<BR> .write tr & td<BR> .write Server.Execute "somefile.asp"<BR> .write tdend & trend & tableend<BR>End With<BR><BR>table780, tr, td, tdend, trend, tableend are all variables defined with specific table definitions.<BR>