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    I need to take my VbScript variable & insert it into a JavaScript for processing.<BR><BR>Here is my vb: <BR>&#060;% <BR>Dim x<BR>x = request.querystring("GroupAsmID")<BR>%&#062;<BR><B R>Here is my JS:<BR>var vString = ""; &#060;----need to put the vbscript variable here<BR><BR><BR>Can anyone help me?

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    How are you calling the javascript function?<BR><BR>OnClick="javascript:vstring(&#039 ;&#060;% x %&#062;&#039;)"<BR><BR>function vstring( strGroupAsmID )<BR>{<BR>var vString<BR>vString==strGroupAsmID;<BR>}<BR><BR>Or something....

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    do like this: var VString = &#060;%x%&#062;<BR>OR <BR>put the variable in a hidden input box, then in JS<BR>use: document.formname.txtboxname.value to get the value.<BR><BR>

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