Why only displays data in year 2000?

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Thread: Why only displays data in year 2000?

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    L Guest

    Default Why only displays data in year 2000?

    Hi, I&#039;m reading the ordered items from a database which has the item#, order date, price, etc.. In the select statement I didnot filter for the year, but some how it only displays the items that were ordered in the year 2000. Is there any rule for dates that I&#039;m not aware of?? Can someone help please???<BR>Thank you!

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    Ed Guest

    Default um....

    I&#039;m confused... you are not querying by date?

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    L Guest

    Default RE: um....

    No I&#039;m not querying by date at all. This is my select statement:<BR><BR>str="SELECT item.item, item.description, coitem.co-num, coitem.qty-ordered, coitem.price, co.cust-num, co.order-date FROM item, coitem, co Where (coitem.co-num=co.co-num) AND (item.item=coitem.item) "<BR>I don&#039;t know why it only selects the items in 2000.. :(

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    Ed Guest

    Default RE: um....

    I may be missing something here... But it sounds like there are no records with 2001 for your select criteria? Is that correct?

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    L Guest

    Default there are...

    No, there are records for years 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 but it only displays records in year 2000. I&#039;ve never encountered this problem before.. this is so strange..

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    Ed Guest

    Default Sure is...

    Sounds strange... Sorry that I can&#039;t help you... Were you able to retrieve these records through query analyzer?

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    L Guest

    Default RE: Sure is...

    I&#039;m actually reading from a Progress database and maybe this is the reason why.. It not only displays only the items in year 2000, but it skips the 0&#039;s when it reads item numbers starting w/ 0&#039;s. For ex. # 012345, it displays 12345. I tried to read the same data from an Access database and it works perfectly...<BR>I&#039;m new to the Progress enviroment so I&#039;m not sure if there are some special formats for numbers & dates.. <BR>Well thanks for your help!<BR>

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