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    Hey everyone. I would like to make different links available to users based on which NT user group they belong to. I know how to retrieve their user name (request.servervariables("logon_user")) but I am not sure how to check to see if their user name belongs to an appropriate group. Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks a million.

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    I&#039;m not exactly sure you&#039;ll have access to that info.<BR><BR>You could do one of two things:<BR><BR>1. Store their group name in a database, and compare the user name and match it up<BR><BR>2. Do nothing, since they won&#039;t get in the particular site anyways (You&#039;ll get a permission denied page). You could doozy up the Permission Denied page to be more user friendly.

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    I think I&#039;ll try this:<BR><BR>Set checkPerm = server.createobject("MSWC.PermissionChecker")<BR>I F CheckPerm.HasAccess("virtual Path") = true then<BR>write the link<BR>else<BR>don&#039;t write the link<BR>end if<BR><BR>Whaddya think?

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