ASP Stat Collection Versus Log Analyzers

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Thread: ASP Stat Collection Versus Log Analyzers

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    Lonnie Best Guest

    Default ASP Stat Collection Versus Log Analyzers

    I could post all the stats I need into a database using ASP, but wouldn&#039;t that be intensive on my P-133 128ram ??? I know exactly how to write the code to collect all kinds of stats, but I understand that the log file already collects this info. What would you guys do?<BR><BR>I&#039;m looking for a free software that will allow me to analyze the logs on my win 2000 server. I am most interested in stats the reveal my most requested articles, key search words, and where they came from. But I don&#039;t want to use some outsider like<BR><BR>However, there is one problem. All the articles on my page come from a database, and I am using the 404 error redirect to direct all request to one piece of ASP code. Then by analyzing the request string I have the asp return the correct article.<BR><BR>Will I be able to find a log analyzer that is able to tell me the most requested pages daily. I&#039;ve been looking on and I am not sure if the software available will understand the error redirect business.....<BR><BR>Sure would appreciate your advice guys....<BR><BR>Lonnie Best<BR>

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    Israel Hanukoglu Guest

    Default RE: ASP Stat Collection Versus Log Analyzers

    Hello,<BR><BR>The best free software for server log file analysis is<BR>Analog by Dr. STephen Turner.<BR><BR>You can download a copy from<BR><BR><BR>Best wishes,<BR><BR>Israel<BR>

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