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    Joe Fawcett Guest

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    I have two components one an ocx, the other a dll that need to be downloaded for my intranet site to work. The path to both, which are in the same directory, is given in the codebase tag. The ocx downloads when needed but the dll does not. Any suggestions appreciated.

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    Sathiya Guest

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    Does the DLL uses any Clientside resources like clearing clipboard or saving data to a file. May be their will be an security exception. just a guess.<BR>

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    Derek Beyer Guest

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    it sounds like you are not using a cab file in your object tag. The cab file contains a very important .inf file. This file instructs the browser on how to install the ocx(s) and where to get any supporting dll&#039s. I&#039ve used VB 5&#039s set up wizard to create the cab file (it also creates the .inf file you need). This set up utility is somewhat hidden if i recall, but it works great. Once the cab file is created, just point the object tag to the cab file. you may also need to sign this cab file with a digital signature.<BR><BR>good luck<BR><BR>vcguru@hotmail.com

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    Joe Fawcett Guest

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    I&#039ve discovered the reason to be that the directory where the dll was stored had execute permissions set. This meant that the server was trying to execute the dll instead of download it. When this permission was removed everything downloaded fine.

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