While not an asp question, I&#039;ve seen several intelligent responses on here from an admin standpoint, so I figured I&#039;d ask (microsoft support is pathetic).. I recently had to rebuild my webserver.. Installed NT4, IIS4, SP6a.. Migrated my pages, set it all up.. not I&#039;m getting some seriously screwed up problems. w3svc hangs for no apparent reason requiring a reboot to restart it, random ODBC connection errors to both SQL7 and Oracle DSNs..<BR><BR>I reinstalled SP6a on top of the system, and replaced the Oracle .dll files from the CD (thought I may have had a corrupt driver).. Now my oracle works (will do the same for SQL in a bit), but I&#039;m still seeing random ODBC failures and hanging w3..<BR><BR>Can I reinstall NT4 overtop my current install, then do IIS on Top of my install, then redo SP6a? Or am I just begging for a disaster? This machine has now been up/down for a week, so any suggestions are appreciated.