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    I get the time-out expired error when loading a ASP page with a SQL-statment within. I know the SQL-statement is correct because<BR>I tryed it in Microsoft Query Analyzer. It seems to take a long time to execute, though. Who do I either, increase the time-out delay on my ASP page or how to make the SQL-statment execute faster? It uses two tables and two views on a SQL Server. The tables has indexes. Thank you in advance!

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    Default Server.ScriptTimeout?

    Investigate the Server Object&#039;s ScriptTimeout property.<BR><BR>This suggestes the number of Seconds that a script in a page can run for before the server halts the page execution (default=90).<BR><BR>This is a Read/Write property so you can see what it is set to at the moment, before adjusting it.

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