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    Can you guys share your wisdom on how best to approach checkout/checkin of database content. I think that the possibilities are to use either Application variables or database records and perhaps cookies or even record-level locking(using a SQLserver 7 or Oracle8 DB). I don&#039;t really know which approach to use, or if there are others.<BR><BR>I would just like to allow a user to checkout a content item from the db, which would prevent others from "checking out or editing" that content while it is known to be checked out.<BR><BR>The possible problem I see is if a user&#039;s session times out, and they have a doc checked out, how then do they check it back in?

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    I&#039;d say the easiest option is simply to include an extra field in the table to hold the user id of the user checking the content out. That way the check status is persistent, and you can see who&#039;s got what checked out just by looking in the DB. You can also change the status administratively (sp?), so if someone checks eveything out the day they quit you can check it all back in again. You might want to include the date checked in/out as well.<BR><BR>Dunc

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