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    hi all,<BR>I am opening a new window using method. And i want to send some data in new window. I can do it thru&#039; URL.<BR><BR>Can I post the data so that I donot have to send it through URL.<BR><BR>Please help.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Vijay

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    Hi Vijay:<BR><BR>What I would do is:<BR><BR>Put the data in the window where you execute the "" method. Then you can use that data from the opened windows using "opener.window".<BR><BR>This is really usefull to me. I hope it will be usefull to you too.<BR><BR>See you

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    Vijay,<BR><BR>I quite often achive this by using a form that contains only:<BR><BR> - a hidden field that contains XML data<BR><BR> - a submit button<BR><BR>Point the TARGET attrib. of the form to "_Blank" and then recieve the XML in the recieving ASP page.<BR><BR>This method is especially useful for transfering large amounts of structured data between windows.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Darren<BR>[ ]

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