CURRICULUM VITAE<BR>Name : T.BIBIN GLASTER.<BR>Date of Birth & Age : 08 feb 1979 & 21 Years<BR>Sex : Male<BR>Marital Status : Single<BR>Country of Citizenship : India<BR>Father&#039;s Name : D&#062;THYAGARAJ<BR>Present Address : new no 71,gajapathy street,shenoy nagar,chennai-30.<BR>Phone : (044) 6445248(p.p)<BR>e-mail :,bibinglaster_t@123india.c om.<BR>permanent address:12-29b,janet bhavan,thoppa villai,attoor,k.k dist.<BR>Phone : 04651 - 72723<BR>Technical Qualification <BR>Name of Course Name of Institute Year Class<BR>AutoCAD aptech July &#039;99 I <BR><BR>B. E. [Mech.] CSI Institute of Technology, Thovalai / Manonmaniam Sundaranar University April 2000 I<BR><BR><BR>Electives : Non Traditional Machining Techniques, plant lay out and Material Handling, Production Planning and Control, Personal Management and Automobile Technology.<BR>Computer Literacy Profile<BR>Languages : C, c++,PASCAL,java,asp<BR>Operating System : WINDOWS 95/NT,linux,sql-server<BR>Subject of Interest : <BR>Project Completed <BR>balancing masses<BR>Department : Design<BR>Concern : titanium trivandrum Industries Ltd.<BR>Trivandrum<BR>Duration : 2 months Dec -. Jan. 2000<BR>Project Reference : <BR> Dr. Sankaran, Ph. D.<BR>Principal<BR>C.S.I. Institute of Technology<BR>Thovalai.<BR> Prof. S. Sankarawarrier <BR>Head of the Department (Mech.)<BR>C.S.I. Institute of Technology<BR>Thovalai.<BR><BR>DECLARATION<BR>I, hereby declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.<BR><BR><BR>Date : Signature<BR>Place:<BR>[T.BIBIN GLASTER.]<BR><BR><BR><BR>