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    Hi everyone,<BR>i&#039;ve got a bit of a problem!<BR>I have just nearly completed my first website<BR>(<BR>but i still need a <BR>function to allow a user<BR>to submit a form with <BR>an image (see &#039;order<BR>form&#039; in the website). <BR>They must be able to place a cross on where<BR>they want the stitching to start.<BR><BR>I would be very greatful for any help.<BR>Geoff <BR><BR>PS my knowledge of ASP is alittle lacking!

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    For uploading the image file see:<BR><BR><BR>Get the image file from the user then redisplay it as an image map.<BR><BR>&#060;A HREF="AddCords.asp"&#062;&#060;IMG SRC="UserLogo.jpg" BORDER=0 ISMAP&#062;&#060;/A&#062;<BR><BR>When they click the image, the x/y co-ordinates will be sent back to the asp page. You can then redisplay the image with a cross (use layers/DIV with style position co-ordinates set to what they clicked) to mark where they clicked.<BR>

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