Double quotes in write to txt file?

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Thread: Double quotes in write to txt file?

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m writing to a text file from a form via asp. The text file is a simple comma delim data source for a generator template. I know if I want to use commas at any time in the delim file without quoting (e.g. QUESTION, "blah, blah" as opposed to QUESTION, blah, blah) it&#039;ll kick it out, so my question is thus: how can I write from ASP to the text file including double quotes? If in my code I include "" around a request from the form i&#039;m updating from, it kicks it out as an error; if i leave my quotes out I can&#039;t use commas in the file....any ideas? I&#039;ve looked into using an ASCII code, but there is none (that I kno) for the double quotes....

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    Default Response.write Chr(34)

    Ensure you remove any in the data by:<BR>Str = Replace(Str,Chr(34),"&#039;")<BR><BR>Response.writ e Chr(34) & Str & Chr(34)<BR>

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    Default RE: Response.write Chr(34)

    Did you try this? I did and it did not work.<BR>please let me know if you find out.<BR>thanks!

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