When I go to some .asp pages it MIE asks to downlo

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Thread: When I go to some .asp pages it MIE asks to downlo

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    Default When I go to some .asp pages it MIE asks to downlo

    I&#039;m New to ASp and wanting to learn how it&#039;s done, am using webmonkey article - one about parking, in first database section and am up to the demo site. I downloaded and installed in the parking directory of my inetpub folder (and declared it as a site). When I click on the first couple a pages default.asp and info.asp (just plain html, minor asp) It works fine but then when I click on a link to info2.asp IE asks to download the file instead of viewing the file I&#039;ve tried testing some of the preview sites that come with pws and have the same problem....<BR><BR>i.e. Internet explorer tries to download asp files instead of viewing them and running the code,..<BR><BR>has anyone else had this problem.<BR><BR>I am using windows Me, and have installed it under instructions from other forums, i.e. install transaction server first, reboot<BR>then install pws, and reboot.. I did use pws from a win98 CD, and got an error message on both install so maybe this is my problem or I might be missing something obvious...please help.<BR><BR>any help appreciated<BR>Thanks<BR>ASP Newbie first Time ME tryhard.

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    I don&#039;t know what error you got, but when I installed PWS I also had an error. I just copied down the error code, and went on the microsot.com website and used their "knowledge base" under their support page, and did a search on the error code. It brought up detailed directions on how to fix the problem and it worked.<BR>~nick

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    I het the error messages 0x800040005 and 0xfee670,<BR><BR>unfortunately searching the knowledge base did not find anything<BR><BR>Guess I&#039;ll try a 98 install on another hard drive or something.

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    Default RE: Thanks I got it working(I think?) problem was.

    The reason It was trying to download some asp files was because I had Photoshop installed and that had an association with .asp files in the registry, so I removed it from file type associations, applied the patch listed in the article you were talking about (got no errors) and I think it&#039;s working O.k. now.<BR><BR>except... some asp files just show up as text (the source code) I think I may not have configured it correctly or something.. I&#039;ll be digging around the help files to solve this I hope.<BR><BR>or if anyone knows what the problem is it would save me hours of digging...<BR><BR>PWS ME ASP Newbie Tryster.<BR>

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