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    I just new in ASP and wondering what is LCID used with the session. I saw someone code, he write session.LCID=1030 and session.LCID=1033. What is LCID actually and what is the number after LCID use?

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    Default LCID=LoCale IDentifier

    It identifies the country and language to use for building the Web page at that point.<BR><BR>1033 is "USA, English".<BR><BR>I don&#039;t recall offhand what 1030 is, sorry. <BR><BR>The number affects the operation of many functions in VBScript, such as FormatCurrency, FormatDateTime, and more. For example, when you do<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Session.LCID = &H0409 &#039; exactly same as 1033...US, English<BR>Response.Write FormatCurrency( 12345.67 )<BR>Session.LCID = &H0809 &#039; United Kingdom, English<BR>Response.Write FormatCurrency( 12345.67 )<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>You would first see $12,345.67 for the US currency and then L12 345.67 [or something similar, but I am showing an "L" where the British "pounds" symbol should b] for the UK currency.<BR><BR>If you specified "Spain, Spanish" you would get 12 345,67 pta (I think) for "pesetas", etc., etc. (Whereas Mexico, Spanish would get you a $ again, since Mexico uses $ to mean pesos.) etc., etc.<BR><BR>And, of course, the date display varies by country, as well.<BR><BR>If you really need to find a table of LCIDs vs. countries, there is one somewhere on the MSDN site, though I&#039;ve lost my link to it and would have to search for it.<BR><BR>

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