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    Recently I&#039;ve moved from a shared hosting solution to a dedicated server. Since the move I&#039;ve had a problem with strings being improperly shortened. For instance I&#039;ll have a piece of code like this<BR><BR>generatedSQL="SELECT * FROM tblInventory, tblProducts WHERE (tblInventory.itemID=&#039;" & RS9.Fields("itemID") & "&#039; "<BR>generatedSQL = generatedSQL & " OR tblInventory.itemID=&#039;" & new_id2 & "&#039; "<BR>generatedSQL = generatedSQL & ") AND tblInventory.itemID=tblProducts.itemID"<BR><BR>and afterwords I&#039;ll do a <BR><BR>response.write(generatedSQL)<BR><BR>and I will get only part of the statement? Is there any reason for this? Thanks<BR><BR>Nick

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    Nick, I have had similar problems twice in the past, both related to the same issue. Basic problem is related to frontpage extensions making copies of your code within itself. The fix was to copy the code into notepad & do a quick visual on any weird chars that show up. If you see any delete them. Then paste the code into a new .asp file with a new name. Then use the new file. After that fix worked we went back to the original files and made a copy of the effected lines just below the original problem block of code. Then commented out the original block of code. The second fix only worked on the first file. To get it to work on the second file, we ran it though notepad but found no bad (visable) chars... The first solution also works for many of the ways files get corrupted. <BR><BR>Good Luck!<BR><BR> <BR>

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