Has anyone heard of a tool that does the following?<BR> <BR> A tool that scans a directory and reports all the procedure names, source file the procedure is located in, whether the procedure is a function or a subroutine and all the arguments passed into the procedure. For example, I would specify a directory, C:Dev, to search and the program would return the following information:<BR>Procedure - Directory - Filename - Type - Arguments<BR>DisplayText - C:Dev - FUNCLIB.INC - Subroutine - sText<BR>EditFormat - C:DevText - FORMATTING.ASP - Function - sOldFormat, sNewFormat<BR>FormatString - C:DevText - FORMATTING.ASP - Function - sFormat, sText<BR> <BR> If this kind of tool does not already exist, does anyone believe this tool to be of value?