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    Default How to create Search Engine

    What are the technologies used to build a search engine? How to build a search engine using asp to include functionallity like altavista,lycos

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    Default ASP is wrong basis...

    ...for building something as complex as those search engines.<BR><BR>You need a *REALLY* fast server with a *REALLY* specialized database engine behind it. We are talking about literally *DECADES* of programming effort in C++ for something as complex as those systems. (That is, perhaps 20 programmers working for 2 or 3 years? Writing high-performance code in C++.)<BR><BR>ASP is a fine system, but it wasn&#039;t designed for use in such high-performance applications. And the databases available to it are *marginal* at best. (Perhaps the only one that has a shot would be SQL SERVER 7 with its new "full text" capabilities, but that capability is kind of an "afterthought" with SQL Server, whereas the highly customized DB engines used by the major search companies were designed from the ground up to do text processing.)<BR><BR>In other words: If you have to ask this question, you don&#039;t even know enough to *begin* to do the task. That&#039;s *not* a nasty comment; it is the simple truth. (I&#039;ve been in the business for 30 years; I even helped work on a full-text search engine once upon a time; you wouldn&#039;t catch *me* attempting this on my own! I&#039;d want to be part of a team of at least a dozen very, very bright and experienced engineers!)<BR><BR>

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