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    sunny Guest

    Default session timeout

    i am using session variables through out my application. i want to know, how can i implement the following:<BR>if a user clicks on the logout link of the application, he is taken to another page. but when i press the back button on the browser i can go back update the session variables and use the application like it neve logged out. how can i make sure that when the user has clicked &#039;logout&#039; he should not be able to use the back button and enter the application without logging in again. I am using Session. Abandon, which is not helping me much

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    See if this helps<BR><BR>

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    sunny Guest

    Default no cache

    if i dont cache the information, would i be able to implement session variables? also can u comment on this:<BR> i am using session variables. i am initializing the variables in the global.asa. session_Onstart. is this ok.<BR>also for these session variables do i need to set session("variable") = nothing or simply session("variable")=nothing should work.

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