Boy I hope I explain this well. Access db by the way.<BR><BR>I have an asp page that has 5 text boxes and 5 drop downs. The textboxes are fed from a text file that is displayed. The user clicks on their choice(s) and the text box is populated. They can select anywhere from 1 to 5 depending on thier skill. The textboxes are populatded in order but the user can select from the displayed text file in any order they choose. In other words the text file is alphabetical but they can click an "m" choice if they want to and that will populate the first box and so on. Under the newly populated text box there is a dropdown that has level choices. Now I have other users that use a different page but it has the same layout. Both results are dumped into different tables. Because of the way the boxes are populated I have no way of knowing what order they will be in. So for example box 3 in the first table may match with box 1 in the second table. Hope that makes sense.<BR><BR>Now I need to find the matches between those 2 tables so I am doing this:<BR><BR>If PL1 = P1 AND PL1_Skill = P1Skill OR PL1 = P2 AND PL1_Skill = P2Skill OR PL1 = P3 AND PL1_Skill = P3Skill OR PL1 = P4 AND PL1_Skill = P4Skill OR PL1 = P5 AND PL1_Skill = P5Skill then<BR>cntr = cntr + 1<BR>end if<BR>If PL2 = P1 AND PL2_Skill = P1Skill OR PL2 = P2 AND PL2_Skill = P2Skill OR PL2 = P3 AND PL2_Skill = P3Skill OR PL2 = P4 AND PL2_Skill = P4Skill OR PL2 = P5 AND PL2_Skill = P5Skill then<BR>cntr = cntr + 1<BR>end if<BR>If PL3 = P1 AND PL3_Skill = P1Skill OR PL3 = P2 AND PL3_Skill = P2Skill OR PL3 = P3 AND PL3_Skill = P3Skill OR PL3 = P4 AND PL3_Skill = P4Skill OR PL3 = P5 AND PL3_Skill = P5Skill then<BR>cntr = cntr + 1<BR>end if<BR>If PL4 = P1 AND PL4_Skill = P1Skill OR PL4 = P2 AND PL4_Skill = P2Skill OR PL4 = P3 AND PL4_Skill = P3Skill OR PL4 = P4 AND PL4_Skill = P4Skill OR PL4 = P5 AND PL4_Skill = P5Skill then<BR>cntr = cntr + 1<BR>end if<BR>If PL5 = P1 AND PL5_Skill = P1Skill OR PL5 = P2 AND PL5_Skill = P2Skill OR PL5 = P3 AND PL5_Skill = P3Skill OR PL5 = P4 AND PL5_Skill = P4Skill OR PL5 = P5 AND PL5_Skill = P5Skill then<BR>cntr = cntr + 1<BR>end if<BR><BR>That takes into account all of the variables, I THINK but one. I need to also match on just the textboxes alone, Those would be the PL1-PL5 and P1-P5 fields above. I think I have that code worked out as well but it occurs to me there may be a much simpler and/or faster way to do this. Is this the best way or does anyone have a suggestion as to how this could be handled better.<BR><BR>Sorry for the long winded explanation and thanks for taking the time to read it.