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    bsimm Guest

    Default Reponse.Form - Item order

    I am looping through the request.form items with a For Each (see code below). For some reason, the order that I&#039;m getting the items back in, is shuffled. The form items have no Index order set, but when you tab through them, you start at the top and go down through the page in order. That is also the order I want things to appear in using this code, but that is not happening. Any ideas why these are coming back in a different ordr than they appear in on the page?<BR><BR>for each item in request.form<BR><BR> if lcase(left(item & " ",4)) = "send" then<BR> sBody = sBody & equest.form.item(item) & vbCrLf<BR> end if<BR> <BR>next

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    bsimm Guest

    Default Should be Request.Form - Typo

    This obviously should be Request.Form. I have yet to find anything on the ordering. The TabIndex values don&#039;t seem to effect it. Any ideas??

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