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    We are looking for talented Web Developers with skills in ASP, SQL, COM and IIS/MTS. If you are interested in a permanent, full-time position working for the premier B2B application services provider to the chemical industry, please forward your resume to<BR><BR>OneChem is an equal opportunity employer looking for skilled web developers to enhance their current set of software solutions. We are strategically located in downtown Miami, FL. Please feel free to check out our website at to gain additional information about our company.<BR><BR>Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you,<BR>OneChem HR department

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    Hi,<BR> I am a software engineer in india with an asp experience of 1 year and i have an over all experience of 3 years in software field.<BR>Do let me know if i am eligible <BR><BR>kiran

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    Mark Guest

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    Do you provide any kind of sponsorship for outside candidates?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Piyush Pandey Guest

    Default Around Five years of Demonstrated experience (Two

    I am having Around Five years of Demonstrated experience (Two Yrs. in US) in the analysis, design, deployment, implementation, maintenance of Systems using Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, ASP, Active X, COM+, COM/DCOM, ADO/RDO, MTS, XML, C, C++, MSACCESS, MS-SQL Server 7.0, IIS 4.0/5.0, Microsoft Site Server3.0, Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition 3.0, Microsoft Message Queue, JavaScript, VBScript, Windows2000, Windows NT & Novell NetWare (NDS). Created & Used Functions and Procedures, Classes and their objects MDI (Multiple Document Interface) Forms. Used the API (Application Programming Interface) functions, OLE Automation, Crystal reports to generate Reports. Created Stored Procedures, Views, tables, ActiveX DLLs for frequently used functions and procedures. Creating ActiveX Controls, Writing Stored Procedures and Triggers in Transact_ SQL of SQL Server Developing Internet enabled applications using Active Server Pages (VB Script & HTML), ActiveX DLLs.<BR><BR>You can reach me at

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