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    I'm coding a system for use on an intranet. We're displaying documents in the browser that are controlled, so we don't want users to be able to print them. If they do, we have uncontrolled versions of quality standard and work instructions floating about the manufacturing floor. We want to be sure everyone uses the most up to date version they can view on their local PC. Is there a way to disable the option to print in IE 5?

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    eop Guest

    Default No <eop>


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    Renidea Guest

    Default RE: No <eop> - IT CAN BE DONE

    I may not be able to disable the print button in the browser, but someone on the html FAQ provided this remedy for the same idenitcal post that solves mine and may solve someone else&#039;s similar problem:<BR><BR>"ASP Messageboard [Search] <BR>RE: Displaying Controlled Documents - Disable Prin<BR>Giancarlo - 3/6/2001 4:29:40 PM<BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR> You can&#039;t control the browser functions. You can only control what goes on inside of the browser window. <BR><BR>The trick here is to hide the contents of the browser window when someone tries to print. You can do that with CSS2. Put the following in the HEAD of the HTML file. <BR><BR>&#060;style&#062; <BR>@media print{ <BR>BODY {display:none;} <BR>} <BR>&#060;/style&#062; <BR><BR>This makes everything inside the BODY tag invisible to the printer. "<BR><BR>Thought I&#039;d post it here too just in case anyone ever does a se4arch on the topic :^D

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