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    I'm dynamically including HTML files, using the file system object, that are published by users with frontpage. If the users have hyperlinks inside their HTML files how do I ensure the pages they link to are built with the correct includes (menus etc.) I could replace all the hyperlinks with the correct URL that will stitch in the menus... The other option is to force users to creat hyperlinks differently but I really don't want to do that... Thousands must have come across this problem before ... anyone know the best way?

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    Default I don't understand the question...

    How could you *ever* validate that every hyperlink in every HTML file references a valid HTML page? Suppose somebody has &#060;A HREF="http://www.nasdaq.com"&#062; ... are you going to go out, figure out that because of the way nasdaq has their site set up that the page being referenced is *actually* www.nasdaq.com/startupPage.jsp and then somehow try to look at the JSP source code and make sure *it* is valid? Sorry, but this doesn&#039;t make sense to me.<BR><BR>If you are talking about *include* files inside the user&#039;s HTML pages (which I think you are, though that isn&#039;t what you wrote?), then it&#039;s possible, though still tough. Because those includes will *NOT* happen when you suck the page in through FSO and write it back out. If you want them to work, you will have to emulate the way the server does includes by going out, opening the files with FSO, and writing them, in place.<BR><BR>If you aren&#039;t asking either of those questions, could you try again? Maybe show a sample scenario?<BR><BR>Or maybe somebody else will understand the question, in which case ignore this blathering.<BR><BR>

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