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Thread: hour-glass?

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    man Guest

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    Does anyone know what code i would write that would display an hour-glass, instead of the mouse pointer, when I am calling a grid on an ASP page?? Thanks!!

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    man Guest

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    this is when the page is loading for the first time, i want to see an hour-glass untill the whole page is loaded?? Thanks!!

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    Andrea(macag) Guest

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    Yes, go to:<BR>http://www.devguru.com/features/knowledgebase_base/A100205.html<BR>does this help?<BR>My question is also posted. Can you help me? <BR>It&#039;s a few lines under your question.<BR>Andrea (macag)

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    man Guest

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    the link that you gave is not valid?

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    andrea (macag) Guest

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    Sorry.<BR>Try this...<BR>Go to www.devguru.com then go to &#039;features&#039; which is on your left then go to &#039;knowledgebase&#039; which is under features, then go to &#039;view all articles&#039;, then find &#039;A100205&#039; which is about 7 articles down.

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    Because DevGuru has a f*#ked navigation that hides the URL, here is the jist of the article. <BR><BR>In IE4+ you can use the "cursor" style of an HTML element to change the mouse pointer. Note that this solution will not work in Netscape browsers. <BR><BR>We use the onmouseover event attribute to detect when the mouse moves over an element, and we then change the cursor style as required. For example, to make the cursor change to a hand when the mouse moves over an applicable HTML element, set the onmouseover event of the element as follows: <BR><BR>onmouseover="this.style.cursor=&#039;hand& #039;" <BR><BR>If you want to apply this trick to some standard text, wrap the text in a span element, and set the onmouseover event: <BR><BR>&#060;span onmouseover="this.style.cursor= &#039;hand&#039;"&#062;Poke Me!&#060;/span&#062; <BR><BR>There are nine types of cursors to choose from:<BR>TO SEE EACH TYPE, RUN THE CURSOR OVER THE NAME<BR><BR>1. auto<BR>2. crosshair<BR>3. default<BR>4. hand<BR>5. move<BR>6. *-resize (where * is n, ne, nw, s, se, sw, e or w)<BR>7. text<BR>8. wait<BR>9. help<BR><BR>Have fun!

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    man Guest

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