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    Jason Miller Guest

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    I&#039m not sure there&#039s any solve for this, so I&#039ll settle for sympathy:<BR><BR>I have a file manager script on two servers. On the first (original), when you upload the file it tells you that it got the file and updates the directory display from a db. On the second (barely modified), it will still tell you when you&#039ve uploaded a file, but won&#039t update the directory display until you reload the page. There&#039s no frames involved; the words of confirmation are sitting 2 lines above the "displayDirectory()". <BR><BR>Has anybody seen this sort of behavior before?<BR><BR>--Jason

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    Nevermind -- my code was cleaning up databases before it was done with them. I&#039m really quite amazed it didn&#039t actively complain at me.

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