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    Chris Woodward Guest

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    We are a Microsoft Certified Partner currently looking for one Senior Developer (4 yrs exp plus) and one Developer (18 mths exp plus). The bulk of our work is ASP development using MS Visual InterDev, but skills in SQL Server and XML will also be useful. Salary in the range £20K - £35K depending on experience. Please send your CV to me at

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    Binu Jacob Guest

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    Sir,<BR>I&#039;m an ASP programmer having more than one and half year exp. and working in India. My current project is Please let me know if I am eligible.<BR><BR>Thanks & Regards<BR>Binu Jacob

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    Why not try APU (anglia polytechnic uni), they teach ASP database stuff. Contact Bill Wright or Bob Cole and they will tell you of a Graduate with the skills you need. If not email me

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