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    This is really strange. I have a from which is populated from a database. On this form I have a select box that containt all of the publishers in the database. I want to do something simple, to check whether or not the ID from the Articles Table is the same as the current ID in the Publishers table. Something like:<BR>while (!oRsPub.EOF){<BR>if (oRsPub("ID") == oRs("Pub_ID")){<BR>Response.Write("&#060;option selected&#062;"+oRsPub("ID"));<BR>}else{<BR>Respon se.Write("&#060;option&#062;"+oRsPub("ID"));<BR>}< BR>oRsPub.MoveNext();<BR>}<BR><BR>But this is not working!! I tried it a million times in VBScript, and I know it can be done. What am I doing wrong. I checked, and the oRs("Pub_ID") containt the correct value...<BR><BR>Help me!!! :(

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    you&#039;ll need to cast them to strings with<BR><BR>new String(objRS("whatever"));<BR><BR><BR>j

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