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    Rainier Guest

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    Heya,<BR><BR>I got a problem with the SQL Server permissions. I granted myself permission to execute SELECT statements but still I receive the following error:<BR>[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]SELECT permission denied on object &#039;Course&#039;, database &#039;tempdb&#039;, <BR>Does somebody know what may cause this problem???

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    Al Bear Guest

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    Not 100% but it have you given your self execuit and read / write acces to the folder where the database is and the database. make sure the database is not been used or is open on the sytsem.

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    Rainier Guest

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    Thanks for replying<BR><BR>I have execute and read/write permission, the database is not open on the system and is not being used...<BR>Pretty strange huh??

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