Sir,<BR> I have been working on ASP for the past one and half<BR> years. I have gone through your tips for improving the performance of ASP pages. I liked it very much.<BR><BR> But I would like to clarify one point. In one of your tips<BR> you mentioned that using variables would be more efficient than using Request.Form("value") or Request.QueryString("value").<BR><BR> If I have to deal with so many values, for example with 25<BR> or more then I have to declare those many number of variables which takes up lot of memory.<BR><BR> So rather than declaring those many variables if I use the Form or Querystring collection&#039;s values directly I can save lot of memory.<BR>Don&#039;t you think that this method would be more efficient than the previous one.<BR><BR> I am not finding fault with you. Please don&#039;t misunderstand me. But Iwould like your comments on this issue.<BR><BR> Please send your reply to<BR> I shall be waiting to hear from you soon.<BR><BR> regards<BR> O.Patanjali Sastry<BR>