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    I&#039;m trying to upload files from local m/c onto server. When i select 2 files with same name but at differrent locations, it is overwriting my existing file. Any suggestions to overcome this. If u want further details, let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>shm

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    It will overwrite unless u send all the files in different folders that is create a separate folder for each file and then in your code specify that path, better would be to use "Filesystemobject" and check for the existence of the file before uploading, if present then prompt the user to change the file name or may be through ur code u might be able to change the previous file name to something like file_old but then if there are too many files with the same name being uploaded too often, how "old" would you get, get the point. :)

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    do u have any idea, how it is done in hotmail. Please let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>shm

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