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    Luc Despatie Guest

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    This morning, I had to reboot our server where IIS 4.0 is install. After the booting, all the ASP script that use Response.redirect "../bd.asp" were not working. They give me this error : The requested ressource is in use<BR><BR>But if I use Response.redirect "Error.htm" this is working very well. These script that use a redirection to an ASP file were stable and use every day since july. And now that I have reboot the computer, it&#039s not working anymore. Thank you very much if you could answer to my problem.

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    Luc Despatie Guest

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    The title was not ok, but here the solution to my problem<BR>That I found this morning.<BR><BR>Go at the Microsoft Management Console, right click on your active web site and choose the properties. Go at the Home directory tab and choose configuration. Check the option "Cache ISAPI applications". And now the redirection to an ASP <BR>page should work properly.

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