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    We are moving our web application to ASP/COM (VFP6) from FoxWeb/VFP5 (a horrible setup, don&#039t ask) and are looking at available reporting features in ASP. We plan on later (1 year or so) moving our COM objects into Java.<BR><BR>Do you have any recommendations for software or components? We want a scalable, yet featured, solution. I&#039ve received mixed reviews on Crystal Reports? What do you think, and is there a better solution out there?

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    What we have done is provided a clean looking report in HTML in the browser, no third party. As well as giving the end users the capability to download the query results into an excel spreadsheet using COM, and thus allow them to do there own formatting. I am curious why in a year, you are going to convert your COM objects to JAVA?<BR><BR>Jerry

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