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    Hi,<BR><BR>I need to call a funtion on Body onload. That function should set my session variable to some value.<BR><BR>Like..<BR>------<BR><BR><BR>function onload<BR><BR>session("tmpVar")=False<BR>..<BR><BR ><BR>How to do it.<BR><BR>-Murugesan<BR><BR>

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    The onLoad function happens *IN THE BROWSER*.<BR><BR>After ASP is 100% done sending the HTML page *to* the browser.<BR><BR>You can *NOT* affect anything on the server by invoking code in the browser.<BR><BR>It would be kind of like you, at home, being able to tell the television station to change a word on the screen. Nope. Once the TV station has sent the picture to your TV, you are stuck with it.<BR><BR>

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    You need to call the function when the page is requested from the server. Session variables are server-side variables, and the body&#039;s onload event is a client-side event. You cannot set session variables with client-side code.

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