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    I have a form with combo boxes which are dynamically populated from a database. Is it possible to somehow preserve the selected values of these fields so that if the page errors on submit, the user can click the back button and the fields will still contain the user&#039;s selections?<BR><BR>Currently, if the update to the database occurring on submit fails, the selected values are lost when the user goes back. Interestingly enough, the text boxes on this form that the user fills in retain their values, just not the combo boxes.

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    ther is no way to preserve a value i believe, wht i would suggest is once the user hits the cubmitt button submitt the contents to a intermediate page and track the database issues, if the transaction fails redirect the user to an another page or the same page with the values that he had alreadyu submitted, when the user hits the back button on the browser the browser picks up the page as how it cached intially u cannot over come it.

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