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    Shane Guest

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    Everything is installed properly, Option Pack 4 and iis working. I&#039;m getting no error msg&#039;s in my code. And my mail still won&#039;t send......what can be the problem?? ANy help ANyone? ;)<BR>

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    Jerk Guest

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    It might be an ID Ten T Error (ID10T)<BR><BR>Just Kidding<BR><BR>Have you verified thaty ou are sending it to the right address<BR><BR>

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    Freak Guest

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    wht abt the exchange server, CDONTS normally gives a lot of trouble, check whether the exchnage server is working fine.

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    Check If SMTP services are up and running too..

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    Paul W Guest

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    I&#039;m having the same problem. Scripts used to work fine. CDONTS mail always sent correctly. We recently installed Exchange Server, now mail via CDONTS doesn&#039;t send. No error messages in code. <BR>Yes. The SMTP service is started.

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