Here&#039;s the problem, in a nutshell: The DLL creates the XML dynamically from a database, then parses it with XSL on the server and sends the result to the client, with the node names based on the field names in the database. The problem is that some of the data is entered by the client and may contain a variety of HTML tags. What happens is they display on the client like this:<BR><BR>This is&#060;P&#062;the content.<BR><BR>Instead of this:<BR><BR>This is<BR>the content.<BR><BR>One solution was a javascript function the re-formatted the content on the client. In fact, that worked just great unless there was a single quote somewhere in the text, in which case it would error.<BR><BR>Anyhow, is there a good, dependable way to do this? I&#039;m open to any suggestions at all.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Josh