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    is it possible for a user to select a text file using a file input &#060;input type=file&#062;, and then the contents of the textfile to be viewed in a textarea.<BR><BR>If so, could you give me some pointers. I have the input set up and the user can select the file, but how do i view the content filesystemobject - does this work for a file loacl to the user&#039;s m/c or only on the server).<BR><BR>a good point of reference or even some example code would be v.nice<BR><BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Duncan

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    You will need to upload the file to the server then populate the text box after reading it on the server. This could be done fairly transparently by using a hidden frame and a small amount of JavaScript. Info on uploading can be found in the FAQs.<BR><BR>Reading a file client side is a security vulnerability and would require a &#039;Signed&#039; Java Applet or ActiveX control granted the relevant permissions.

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