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    Hello again all. I am now trying to pass an array to the next page. How do I do this using a form. If it was just a normal variable, I would do value="&#060;%Response.write varname %&#062; but I don&#039;t know what to put for an array. Maybe I shouldn&#039;t even use an array. Here is what I a trying to do.<BR><BR>I am running a querry and processing the data returned. I then collect a group of id&#039;s (keys from the db) and I can either put them into a list or an array. The user will be able to click on a hyperlink and the next page will just do a SQL statement just on those id&#039;s. <BR><BR>I can do this in Cold Fusion, but since I am still new to ASP what I know doesn&#039;t work. In CF, I would pass the list in the hyperlink then just convert the list t an array on the next page and do my SQL.<BR><BR>Please help. I am so lost right now using ASP.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Brian

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    Hope u r trying to pass a array between pages, i hope u can not do it directly in asp, assign all the values in the array to a hidden element seperated by a "," or "#" or "~" what ever u like and in the next page get the values use a split function and assign back the values to an array.

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    Hey Brian, passing arrays in ASP is very easy. You can create an array, put it into a session variable, then retrieve the session variable on the next page and work with the array. Check out this page for more info

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