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    Hi<BR> I got one problem in dealing with security of our site<BR> and the problem is like this:<BR><BR> we are having Home page, Login page,Menus for all <BR> pages in one Webserver , say A. <BR> All pages are in other Webserver, say B.<BR> These servers are in different geographical locations.<BR> <BR> Now my problem is when user logins into the site ,<BR> I am using session variable to store user information<BR> and this session state is working well in site A (i.e.webserver A).<BR> <BR> When I am redirecting user to site B (i.e. webserver B) through<BR> javascript menus , my all session varaibles are getting lost and <BR> security for my pages doesn&#039;t exist.<BR> Session variables are not maintained on two servers which are at<BR> different locations.<BR><BR> I tried through different methods like http_referrer, cookies etc. etc..<BR> Since I am using javascript menus, I am not getting http_reffer value.<BR> I searched a lot on web but of no use.<BR> Please advice me on this.<BR> <BR>Thanks,<BR>Hari<BR>

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